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January 10, 2010

Dating for Dummies: Your Quickie Guide to Love Books

A January 1st New York Post article, "Dating for Dummies: Your Quickie Guide to Love Books" by Mandy Stadtmiller (http://www.nypost.com/p/entertainment/dating_for_dummies_neRJofkRlRYLskPQoZuMbI), discusses five new dating advice books. It includes a passage from the book "Prince Harming Syndrome" by Karen Salmansohn in which Salmansohn writes, "“Do you really prefer to place a higher value on a guy’s superficial aspects (his sexiness, funniness, smartness, wealthiness)? If so, then there is a big danger you will wind up involved with a guy who’s rude, angry, dishonest, disloyal, hurtful, selfish!" I don't really understand that. Wealthiness and possibly sexiness may be superficial qualities, but I think intelligence and sense of humor are pretty important. Maybe it was taken out of context.

January 4, 2010

Another Match.com success story; and Six Singles

Happy New Year, everyone! Guess what? One of my friends got engaged over Christmas vacation -- to a guy she met through Match.com a mere 7 1/2 months ago! They live in the same city and love to go out dancing, so I have a feeling they may have met each other eventually anyway. But Match.com brought them together first. They are really happy. A summer wedding is in the works. :)

Also, December 28th was the one-year anniversary of when the Nicest Guy in the World and I started dating! It doesn't feel like a whole year has gone by already. Which I guess is good -- better to feel like it hasn't been long at all than to feel like it's been way too long. ;)

A reader commented on my last post about a web site called Six Singles (http://www.SixSingles.com). It's an on-line dating site, but they also have interesting articles like "What If Your Profile Is A Dud?" and "What To Talk About on the First Real Date" -- worth checking out.